I Miss LA!

So thanks to Tara, I found out about watching some great short films at TurnHere.com. The site has a bunch of great personal travelogues mostly about New York and LA, my two former residences, and San Francisco.

I miss the zaniness of LA, the ability to almost always be caught in traffic at random non-rush hour times, the air so thick you can cut it with a switchblade, being amongst Planet Siliconia where the amount of plastic surgery is greater than what people elsewhere spend on their house payments.

But there are lots of special spaces in LA that I frequented when I was there, and the trick is to learn new ones now that I am in St. Louis. This morning I went for a short bike ride in Forest Park, before the humidity had reached crushing levels.

Anyway, the site has plenty to watch and keep you occupied for hours. Some very talented people out making some short films of cool places.

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