Think big, start small, and move fast

At the Innovation conference, heard a great presentation from Tracie Gildehaus, the director of portals for Scottrade. Her motto is above — they constantly innovate with their company Intranet and have managed to continually evolve it over the years from a relatively pedestrian upload-the-Word-requirements-and-corporate-policies-manuals to a more Webbified 2.0 version that encompasses blogs, Wikis, and massive amounts of user-generated content. They now have 80 different “publishers” who are responsible for posting their own content, and some blog postings get read by half the staff within the first 24 hours that they are put online. How is that for reach and readership? One of their efforts is a┬ácorporate wiki for acronyms and core corporate policies and procedures called purplepedia that has dozens of active authors. Their Intranet now spans more than 70 different Web sites with more than 30,000 pages of content.

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