SiliconANGLE: After 10 years of crypto scammers, there is still a rocky road ahead

Running a criminal cryptocurrency enterprise has certainly gotten more complicated.

It was 10 years ago this week when Ross Ulbricht walked into a branch of the San Francisco public library to spend another day running the Silk Road, his marketplace for buying and selling illegal and questionable goods. He walked out in handcuffs after anĀ elaborate sting operation carried out by the FBI. This week, the scene shifts to a downtown New York City courtroom, where former FTX Trading Ltd. founder and former Chief Executive Sam Bankman-Fried faces 12 counts that he attempted to defraud investors for his various alleged crypto-related schemes.

Although the two events deal with vastly different parts of the criminal justice system, they are notable bookends in the past decade for the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies, along with associated technologies regarding blockchains, smart contracts and other elements of this universe.

You can read my analysis of this historic moment in SiliconANGLE here.

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