Review: The Roaring Days of Zora Lily

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Description automatically generatedAs a man with absolutely no fashion sense I was surprised that I was drawn into this novel and how much I absolutely loved its characters, plot lines, and settings. At its heart is a love story that spans the past century. It centers on the life and career of the title character, who becomes an expert dressmaker and designer. She has the ability to feel her fabrics, sense the style and shape of her work which spans everyday wear to movie costumes. The story is told from two perspectives: besides Zora’s narrative which mostly takes place in the 1920s (hence the title), there is a no-so-small matter of a Smithsonian curator who is putting together a show of period costumes who finds out about Zora’s past. This book is just a sheer delight, and even though I couldn’t tell you whether some hem was dropped, set, or whatever, it was still a great read with fascinating descriptions not just of the clothes but the whole design ethos surrounding their art, creation and craft. Very highly recommended. Buy it on Amazon.

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