SiliconANGLE: It won’t be long before we are all chatbot prompt engineers

Back in January, Andrej Karpathy, who now works for OpenAI LP and used to be the director of artificial intelligence for Tesla Inc., tweeted: “The hottest new programming language is English.” Karpathy was only semiserious, yet he has identified a new career path: AI chatbot prompt engineer. It could catch on.

The term describes the people who create and refine the text prompts that users type into the chatbot query windows — hence the use of English, or any other standard human language. These types of engineers don’t need to learn any code, but they do need to learn how the AI chatbots work, what they’re good at doing and what they’re not good at doing.

I interviewed several experts about whether the discipline will become its own career path in my post for SiliconANGLE here.

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