Book review: A Likely Story by Leigh McMullan Abramson

A Likely Story: A Novel by [Leigh McMullan Abramson]I really enjoyed this new novel which has characters and a plot line I found appealing, as a full time freelance writer for many decades.

The story is about a famous novelist and his ne’er-do-well daughter who is in her mid 30s, trying to figure out her life and try to finish her first book, which seems to have been started ages ago. It is set against the death of her mom, and interwoven we are privy to the draft of a novel (which plays an important role in the character’s lives without giving away any spoilers). The description of literary life in NYC and all its trappings and ridiculousness resonated with me, as do the challenges of 30-somethings.

The novel concerns the relationship of the famous writer to his wife and daughter, how the three of them collaborated on various projects, and the perception of the dad towards his family members. That is about all I can say in this review, but it is deliciously wicked, real, and poignant. Being related to the writer and enduring his oversize ego drives many of the plot points along. At one point the daughter feels that “writing was like being on a submarine, where she spent years being submerged, silent and secret, working toward the day where she would have something to show for all her time underwater.” The novel is interesting, amusing, and thoughtful and I highly recommend it.

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