Book review: Sam by Allegra Goodman

Sam: A Novel by [Allegra Goodman]In this novel by Allegra Goodman, we follow the life of Sam during 15 or so years of her young life as she grows up in a dysfunctional family with a special-needs younger brother and her single mother who is trying to make ends meet working two low-end jobs. Sam is a talented rock climber: the story takes place on Boston’s North Shore and we see her grow into some prowess as she develops her climbing abilities and strength. Sam is an interesting character: nothing comes without a lot of pain and hard work, which makes her accomplishments all that more satisfying, both to her and to the reader. The family dynamics: the kids have two different but deadbeat dads that come in and out of the narrative. I really enjoyed the plot, characters, and situations as Sam grows up, finds love and adventure. Highly recommended.

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