Book review: Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: A novel by [Gabrielle Zevin]Normally when I finish a book I have some strong opinions either pro or con. I am of two minds with this novel by Gabrielle Zevin which is excellently written and an epic tale of its three principle characters. We follow their exploits for the next 20 years, starting when they are all in their late teens. If you are interested in computer gaming, the book portrays the world of game creators and the gaming industry very realistically — I covered this world as a tech journalist once upon a time. And the relationships of the trio — who form their own gaming studio and quickly become successful — is also very believable and interesting as they and the industry matures. The downside is that the ending is less than satisfactory as the author takes us inside a game itself that the characters play new roles. It just felt off somehow. Nevertheless, this novel is one of hope, of loves found and lost, of how people work together and work against each other in interesting ways that drives the plot forward. And maybe one day you will find those secret underground LA freeways that are posited in the book. (You ‘will have to read it to understand this reference.)

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