Book review: Suddenly Hybrid Provides Good Advice On How To Manage Our New Way Of Meeting

Karin Reed and Joseph Allen have written a great sequel to their book, Suddenly Virtual, titled, naturally enough, Suddenly Hybrid: Managing the Modern MeetingIt should be required reading for all of us as we try to keep up with the changing nature of work as we move into the third year of the COVID pandemic.

The authors have a few suggestions on how to improve hybrid meetings and other practical tips and tools to both run them and participate in them. This book will help you build upon the habits from our fully remote world over the past few years and use the collaboration tools found in videoconferencing platforms, even when we are conducting meetings in person or with hybrid audiences. It will help you figure out where an organization wants to land on the “hybrid meeting spectrum,” and remove any obstacles from fully realizing their benefits.

You can read my full review on Biznology here.

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