Book review: You will remember me

This thriller is an excellent study of what happens when trust goes out the window between a couple. The phrase what you don’t know could possibly kill you comes to mind, but I don’t want to give away any plot points. Let’s just say that when a boyfriend goes missing meme is well thought out and isn’t as much of a trope as you might think. You see the novel from the perspective of the boyfriend, his girlfriend, and his stepsister, all of which have something to hide about their dark pasts. Granted, they all have their justifications about keeping the truth from the others in this novel, and as the book evolves you get to see these reasons and make some judgements about them. I found the novel a fascinating character study and well worth your reading time, and made me think about whether we really ever know anyone that we love or spend time with. And you will remember the plot of this book for some time too.

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