Book review: Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

The characters in this novel are smitten with love and don’t know how to process their feelings, thanks to a number of missteps throughout their childhood. The cast are mostly black or brown lesbians, which adds a nice dimension to those of us who would like to read novels of these characters. I found myself immediately warming to the opening premise: two women vacationing in Vegas get drunk and then married despite having just met. And while the situation could easily have degraded into a bad “Hangover” spin-off, the book remains true to their characters and brings us deeply into their world. The couple is an interesting pair: a recently minted astronomy PhD and a radio talk show host who reminded me of Allison Steele of my youthful days listening to WNEW-FM. The book will challenge you to think about love and loss and conflict and reconciliation, and I highly recommend it. You can buy Honey Girl here.

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