Seinfeld/Gates commercials: whassup with Microsoft

You can see them here. Did anyone else fail to get the joke? As of this writing, there are two in the apparently continuing and very painful series. My friend James Gaskin said that Microsoft has successfully duplicated the painful user experience on Vista over to the TV commercial medium. Given the high priced talent that was no doubt tapped for these episodes, we can truly say that Microsoft is now a master of this domain, not that there is anything wrong with that.

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  1. David – I’m with you on these. I’ve read blog postings raving about how funny these were, and how they’re giving Microsoft a softer, cooler image, and how they’re getting people talking, etc. I found them awkward and uncomfortable, bordering on surreal — like something I’d have experienced in a dream rather than in reality.

    “Boy, I had the weirdest dream last night… I was watching this Microsoft ad with Jerry Seinfeld … he and Bill Gates were in a shoe store or something, talking about churros… Jerry asked Bill whether he showered with his clothes on and whether or not we’d eventually be able to eat our computers. Man. No more jalapeno smoothies after 11 pm for me.”

    The material on Seinfeld seemed like it was at least based on real life, even when it got goofy. These Microsoft bits is completely bizarre. Gates should adjust his underwear if Microsoft is working on edible computers? Ewwwwkay.

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