Quickbase blog: How citizen developers can manage their own apps better

In the Quickbase blog The Fast Track, many others have written extensively about the rise of the citizen developer movement, whereby everyone can become a developer because of the widespread availability of rapid app development tools. IT professionals have been trained how to manage their app portfolios, and there is no secret to doing this. In this post, I suggest some ways to start thinking about how you can manage and build more capable apps on your own. Building the app is just the beginning of a lengthy process. More on this idea here.

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  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for your great comments about Citizen Developers and QuickBase.
    ViziApps (www.viziapps.com) is a SaaS Visual RMAD platform IT professionals and Citizen Developers can use to visually design their mobile app’s user experience, native device feature use, and use of backend data with no coding. We’ve worked closely with Intuit and QuickBase since 2012 to seamlessly integrate no coding QuickBase data management AND full Offline Data Sync in ViziApps. We have also integrated in ViziApps no coding connectors for AT&T M2X for IoT, Google docs and Drive, Intuit QuickBooks, PTC ThingWorx of IoT, Red Hat MAP MBaaS, , 37 SQL Databases, and Salesforce CRM. ViziApps mobile apps can be securely published through EMM platforms, the public app stores, and directly with ViziApps Instant Publisher™. ViziApps mobile apps can also be easily enhanced with seamless embedding of JavaScript, and completed apps run cross-platform on iOS and Android phones and tablets. ViziApps has a rapidly growing customer and channel partner base, and is now a cloud-based, enterprise grade solution, stress-tested to millions of app users.
    George Adams, Co-Founder and CEO, ViziApps, Inc.

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