Book Review: Bad Tourists, an AI-themed plot line

Three women nearing 50 share a vacation to celebrate one of them getting divorced. The three share a common tragedy 20-plus years ago involving a grisly mass murder scene in a guesthouse and have since bonded over the experience. This isn’t the most unique plots for a thriller until the bodies start dropping when the vacation turns sour, relationships strain, and the trio meets a mysterious couple of newlyweds. Then things get interesting, and we learn more about the backgrounds of all the parties and try to solve both the original mystery that brought the women together as well as what is happening in the current timeline. One of them puts it quite eloquently when she says she has been listening to the soundtrack of life and she is caught up in her grief over the original grisly murder scene — which somehow she escaped. The characters are finely drawn, and this is the first murder mystery that hinges on an artificial intelligence plot twist which was cleverly conceived. Highly recommended.

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