Once upon a time I flipped a domain, selling to what has become’s various related sites, now owned by QuinStreet, back in the go-go early 1990s. For many years, I wrote for their various Web properties such as eSecurity Planet, Datamation, and CIOupdate. Here are links to some of my articles:

  • Virtualization update, virtual firewalls and hybrid clouds (Datamation, 5/11)
  • 12 Greatest Tech innovations of all time (Datamation, 4/11)
  • What to look for with Hybrid clouds (Datamation, 12/10)
  • Virtualization update, new desktops and software (Datamation, 11/10)
  • Best Smartphones for Exchange (Datamation, 8/10)
  • Virtualization update (Datamation, 6/10)
  • 8 Whole disk encryption options (eSecurityPlanet, 5/10)
  • Managing your Windows 7 migration (CIOUpdate, 5/10)
  • New networking features in Windows Server 2008 R2 (eSecurityPlanet, 4/10)
  • How to choose a DLP provider (eSecurityPlanet, 4/10)
  • Top Five Essential iPhone Apps for IT folks (CIOUpdate, 4/10)
  • Five questions to answer before moving to VOIP (CIOUpdate, 3/10)
  • Three steps towards high availability virtual machines (Datamation, 3/10)
  • Which data deduplication solution is right for you? (CIOupdate, 3/10)
  • Online Backup Buying Guide (eSecurity Planet, 3/10)
  • Virtual Machines: Running Virtual XP in Windows 7 (Datamation, 2/10)
  • Using Alternative DNS Providers (eSecurityPlanet, 2/10)
  • Are Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Starter Kits Worth the Effort?(CIOUpdate, 2/10)
  • Protecting your laptop from theft (eSecurityPlanet, 1/10)
  • Virtual Servers Update (Datamation, 12/09)
  • Five Steps to Making Virtual Desktops a Reality (CIOupdate, 11/09)
  • 17 notably bad products from great companies (ITManagement, 9/09)
  • Enterprise collaboration products (CIOUpdate, 7/09)
  • Proudly We Fail: 25 Dead Tech Products (Datamation, 7/09)
  • New developments and issues with server virtualization (Datamation, 4/09)
  • Taking control with real-time business process monitoring (CIOUpdate, 2/09)
  • Why you need to outsource your test lab (CIOupdate, 1/09)
  • IT Manager’s Legal Guide: Data Handling and Security (Datamation, 9/08)
  • The olympics video explosion (CIOupdate, 8/08)
  • Pros and Cons of laptops with solid-state drives (ITManagement, 7/08)
  • Server Virtualization Update (Datamation, 4/08)
  • Five questions to ask your MSP (CIOupdate, 8/07)
  • Network Discovery tools (CIOupdate, 5/07)
  • Ten questions to ask before buying an UTM product (Datamation, 4/07)
  • Four ways of remote access (CIOupdate, 4/07)
  • Comparing the leading server virtualization products (Datamation, 2/07)
  • The many myths of endpoint security (Datamation, 12/06)
  • Payment systems for eCommerce (Internet Journal, 1/99)

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