VM Protective Technologies

A more or less comprehensive list of products that can provide additional security to virtual machines.

Vendor Product Name, Link Supported environments
BeyondTrust PowerBroker (1) ESX
Brocade Vyatta Firewall ESX, Xen, Hyper-V, KVM
Bromium vSentry Xen
CA ControlMinder ESX
Catbird vSecurity (1) (3) ESX, Hyper-V (2)
CheckPoint Virtual Systems ESX
CloudPassage Halo ESX, Xen, AWS
Cisco Sourcefire Virtual FireSIGHT ESX
Dome9 SecOps for AWS (3) AWS
Enterays Extreme Networks XNV ESX, Xen
Fortinet Fortigate VM ESX
HP Tipping Point vController ESX
Illumio Appliance AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Google, others
Hytrust Appliance (1) (3) ESX, KVM (2)
Juniper Firefly ESX
Palo Alto Networks Firewall ESX
Reflex Systems  vTrust (1) ESX
Sophos Server Security ESX, Hyper-V, Xen
Symantec Critical System Protection ESX
Trend Micro Deep Security (1) (3) AWS, ESX
VMware vCloud,vShield Endpoint ESX


1. Product was part of my 2011 Network World test.

2. Promised for later this year

3. A new Network World test published this spring here.

Major Security Efforts

—  Cisco and VMware

You can read this article by Ethan Banks that was written in early January here about the different software defined networking strategies from Cisco called ACI and from VMware called NSX. More documentation on ACI can be found here.

VMware announced NSX with a budding partner ecosystem, listing Arista, Brocade, Cumulus, Palo Alto Networks, Citrix, F5, Symantec, and several other vendors. None of their products yet incorporating NSX are available, but you can read this blog post about its features here and see a walkthrough demo of NSX here.

—  AWS Security Groups

To learn more about Amazon’s security groups in EC2 and VPN services, check out the documentation here.

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