Aluratek Bump: small speaker packs a punch

I have been using the same $10 speakers on my current computer that I purchased with a PC about a million users ago, so imagine my surprise when I tried out the Aluratek Bump. It is a small speaker about the size of half of a soda can, and the sound quality is fantastic. Paired with a subwoofer, you have really tremendous sound coming out of your computer. There are two ways to connect it: First, using the standard mini audio jack. This is fine for most of us.

But if you want some flexibility where you are going to place the speaker in your home or office, the second method is more appealing. You connect a USB dongle to your PC and you can play music wirelessly to the Bump. It worked fine on my Windows PC, but I had trouble with the wireless connection on my Mac. I could move the speaker about 30 feet away from the computer without any loss of sonic quality.

The speaker has a rechargeable battery that will last several hours, the charging cable is a standard mini-USB. And for $80, it is reasonably priced.

You can purchase the speaker here.

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