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How Your Customers Can Collaborate Using Open Xchange App Suite

A flexible unified communications service for collaborative workgroups that can share files, import and export contacts and calendars from a wide variety of data sources and Web services, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google’s Gmail. Entirely open-source based.

Price: Varies depending on market and number of user accounts
Requirements: Works on a wide variety of browsers and operating systems. We tested it in May 2013.

OpenXchange Inc.
2033 Gateway Place
San Jose, CA 95110
408 500 0768

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Using Cisco ASA CX Firewall To Protect Your Network

Cisco ASA has better application granularity, a more flexible means of policy creation, and easier to use controls and more powerful reports than its predecessors. We tested the ASA-5525-X in January 2013 and found a much improved user interface and lots of content-aware features.


Pricing starts at $13,500 for hardware and software subscriptions.

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Boost your social media intelligence with

Tracx is a social intelligence software platform that allows enterprises to manage, share and extract actionable insights, threats and opportunities from the social web β€”in real time.
Price starts at $1000 per month for a single brand, which includes unlimited topics and results.

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Email security for smartphones and tablets with Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition

Voltage Security has a secure email client for both iOS and Android devices that mimic the same user interface of the device’s email apps. It is easy for IT to manage and scale without a lot of hassle for email message storage and key management. It is easy for business users to adopt without cumbersome certificates and web links.

Requires iOS v 5.1 or Android
Price: Free to download , requires Voltage SecureMail platform
Voltage Security

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Symantec Endpoint – Hassle Free Security For Small Businesses

Symantec’s Endpoint Protection.Cloud is a very useful tool to help small businesses get a handle on their security with a very streamlined interface and a large collection of automated protective features. It is a companion to Backup Exec.Cloud that can be used to provide cloud-based file and system backups, which you can watch here.

You can also watch this video of the server-based SEP features here.

Pricing starts at $35 per seat per year with quantity discounts available. It runs on Windows XP with SP3 and later versions. We tested on a small network with both XP and Windows server clients in June 2012.

Symantec Corporation
Mountain View, Calif.
Follow @symanteccloud on Twitter

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How small businesses can use Symantec Backup Exec 2012 to recover lost files and systems

Symantec’s 2012 version has a complete user interface makeover that vastly simplifies the backup and recovery process, making it easier to automate backup and even save copies to cloud-based storage. There are major improvements to protect virtualized machines too.

Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Edition Starting at $995 MSRP

Symantec Corporation
Mountain View, Calif.
Follow @BackupExec on Twitter


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Using Symantec’s Backup Exec.Cloud To Protect Your Small Business

Symantec’s backup service is easy to setup, can support multiple computers and keep track of previous file versions, includes protection for both Windows desktops and Servers, and is reasonably priced cloud-based backup for small businesses at $7 per GB per year.
Symantec Corporation

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Solera Helps You Respond Rapidly to Security Events

SoleraSix from Solera Networks will provide greater detail of your network traffic and help you respond quickly – and intelligently – to network-based threats. The SoleraSix product takes the form of a hardware or virtual appliance to capture all network traffic and a Web browser front-end. Prices start at $10,000 for the Virtual Appliance model. We tested SoleraSix on a live network in February 2012.


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How Can Manage Your Social Networks

Nimble offers a way to unify and better engage your social network contacts and track your customers and prospects. We tested version 2.0 in February and found lots of great enhancements, including support for Google Plus and Facebook business pages and integrations with leading SMB marketing tools.

There is a free plan and a paid corporate one for $15 per user per month.

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Three Ways to Leverage TPM Security With Wave Systems

Wave Systems has developed software tools to work with the trusted computing module that is now included on many desktop and laptop business computers. This video will show you how to deploy it and some of its protective uses.

Wave Systems

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