Web Informant Numero Uno

Here is how it all started. You have my permission to laugh. From 1995.

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Hanging Up Your Shingle — what questions to ask your Web hosting provider

Please note: this article is 11 years old.

"Hanging Up Your Shingle — what questions to ask your Web hosting provider."

One of the great things about the Web is that your stuff can live forever, if someone has taken the time to archive it properly. Back at the dawn of Web time, I did some work for an O'Reilly publication called Web Review. The guys and gals behind this effort did a fantastic job of creating one of the more thoughtful and interesting pubs back in the middle 1990s when we all didn't really know what we were doing. 

Lucky for me, Jennifer Robbins, the graphic designer of the publication, keeps one of my stories on her site. What I find interesting is that apart from the names of some of the companies (remember when Prodigy offered Web hosting? Digex?) and protocols (gopher anyone?), the piece still holds up well and has a lot of great advice.  

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Bikes on the DC Metro

Back in the early 1980s, I was a citizen activist that lobbied the DC transit system to allow bicycles on their subway trains. At the time, it was the third system to do so — now bikes are commonly seen in a number of cities, and on buses too. Here are some clips from that era.

bikes on metro clips

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