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I have tried to put in handy page tabs on the top nav bar to link you to most of my current work, but there are some other notable works that don’t easily fit. Here are links to these efforts. Note, blogs come and go, some links may no longer be active.

IBM’s SecurityIntelligence.com

I began writing articles and working as the site evangelist in August 2015. Here is a link to my work.

Various RSA blogs

I was the blogger-in-residence for the annual RSA Archer conference in September. I also contributed these blog entries:

HPE’s Enterprise.Nxt blog

I began writing for them in 2017.

iBoss blog

I began writing security-related articles for them in 2016.

Citrix Synergy show blog

During May 2017, I wrote a series of blog posts from the annual show.


Quickbase Blog 

I write occasional pieces on collaboration and spreadsheet-related topics.

Veracode Blog

EventTracker Blog

GoDaddy Garage

I wrote a series how-to articles for this site in the summer of 2015. A complete collection of my articles can be found here. They cover how to set up various VPNs and other products.


Ah, the dearly departed. I wrote longer research papers for the subscription side of GigaOm, called GigaOm Pro, between 2012-14. It was fun while it lasted.

VMware Erdos/ IT outcomes blogs

I began writing several items for them in 2015:

Masergy blog

Bright Computing Blog

Ars Technica

During 2013 I wrote a couple of networking stories for this site:

Solution Providers for Retail blog

(This blog has been taken down, sorry.) Between 2013-15, I contributed a series of articles on how VARs can better support their retail customers, including information gleaned from an extensive report on the restaurant industry.

IT Central Station

I have been contributing content to this community-driven site for several years, mostly reprints of my video screencast product reviews. Here is an article on application performance monitoring that I did for them in March 2015.

New Relic Blog

In 2014 I began writing some pieces for them about programming-specific topics.

Ricoh-sponsored blog called WorkIntelligent.ly

I have written a series of general interest stories for this blog from 2013-5, including security, personal productivity, and IT management topics. The blog has been taken down.

CDW’s FedTech and StateTech Magazines

This is a print magazine published quarterly, and you can read my articles here, including software and hardware reviews and stories about networking topics. Here is a review of Watchguard’s Firebox UTM box (1/15) and a story about how state governments can use SSO tools (3/18)

Smartbear blog

Software development tools vendor Smartbear has a rich blog full of interesting articles on this topic, and I have written a couple of pieces during 2013 here.

Mozy blog

I have written another series of technically-minded articles for their blog that began in 2012, including security, IT management, and Internet-related topics. Sadly, these were taken down.

AT&T Networking Exchange Blog

I wrote a couple of posts on network security for them several years ago, and the blog is no longer operating.

The Freelancer blog

This blog, which was begun in 2012, covers generally freelancing work issues and I have written several stories about my own freelancing business and strategies learned over the years from the school of hard knocks. Here is a collection of my stories.

Internet Protocol Journal

This semi-scholarly periodical covers advanced Internet topics. I have written for them several times:

CA Blogs

Beginning in 2013, I wrote these security and cloud-related stories for several CA-sponsored blogs. Most of this content has been removed. Here is one sample:

HP-sponsored website called Input/Output

This is a custom published site with independent editorial content with HP as its sole sponsor. I have been writing for them for several years, here are some samples of the pieces that I have done for them. Sadly, HP took down the blog.


This is a Dell-sponsored IT information site that was begun in 2009 and now discontinued. I have written product reviews, case studies, how-to articles, and screencast review videos. Many of these articles concern how to migrate from XP to Windows 7.


In 2006-7, I was the editor-in-chief of a new Web site devoted to helping consumers understand how to best use broadband Internet connections, and hired a collection of writers and editors to build more than 100 different articles on the topic, including how to use VOIP, digital photography, choosing between cable and DSL connections, and more. The site was sponsored by Acceller, a company that provides back office software to telcos and cable companies to help provision broadband customers.

White papers

I write occasional white papers for clients on technical topics, including security, network applications, and Internet services.

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  1. I notice an error in the article you have published about hard drives….
    You refer to the IBM 305RAMDAC as holding 5MB. It didn’t. It held 5 million _6bit_ words. Just 3.75MB. 🙂

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