Network World: Okta, OneLogin top single sign-on review

Network World: Okta, OneLogin top single sign-on review

We are awash in passwords, and as the number of Web services increases, things are only going to get worse. Trying to manage all these individual passwords is a major problem for enterprise security. Many end users cope by re-using their passwords, which exposes all sorts of security holes. One solution is a single sign-on (SSO) tool to automate the logins of enterprise applications and also beef up password complexity, without taxing end users to try to remember dozens of different logins.

In this review for Network World, I tested eight products: SecureAuth, OneLogin, Okta, Symplified, Intel’s McAfee Cloud Identity Manager, Numina Application Framework, SmartSignin and Radiant Logic. Okta and OneLogin came out on top.

You can see the various screenshots on my Pinterest Board here.

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